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will you… won’t you vote ?

The 15th annual Bloggies are upon us! If you’ve enjoyed reading this blog over the past year and a half, or for the past few hours – and I hope you have, because that’s the whole point – won’t you vote for it ?

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 8.23.34 AM

2015 Bloggies link above, or just click on the image.

You can read all about the awards, or skip right down to the category I’m aiming for: Best African Weblog (red background on the Bloggies site).

To submit your ballot, you’ll need to nominate 3 blogs total, from any categories. If you don’t have any other favorites, here are some of my suggestions:

Votes accepted until 1 February.

Many thanks, and have a funky weekend !



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