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Caffeine Ballet

Bent of posture,
upright snoring,
barely living,
dawn’s ballet.

Cups and saucers
trooping forward,
toward the kettle,
grande entrée.

Reach for creamer,
gather sugar,
bring her boiling,
don’t delay.

Pour with deference,
ground beans twirling,
let them settle,
birth the day.

Spoon-fed symphony,
come alive now,
sip sweet earth-mud,
fresh bouquet.

Greet thy neighbor,
’round the French press:
chapeau, Brewer–
grand plié.

Images of cups brewed in Nairobi (Le Grenier à Pain), Tokyo (subway cafe), Hargeisa (Ethiopian coffehouse and La Afrah Teahouse), and Dubai (Mokha 1450).


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