The Why

To store thoughts for safe-keeping; to entertain; in good humor; in difficult moments; in earnest; in gratitude; for you.


I’m Erin, a humanitarian working from Hargeisa, Somaliland, for the time being. Previously I worked in Mali, and before that in Washington, DC. outerNotes features my penchants for: breaking bread, taking pictures, learning the hardest-won lessons (and usually taking the longest path to reach them), and writing. As an expat going on five years overseas, I write from a fortunate vantage point: plenty of mistakes lessons to learn, new eats on the regular, and travel as modus operandus for living out the days.

Unless otherwise noted, all photos areย my own and not for use elsewhere without permission. Same goes for writings. Feel free to contact me with inquiries at the email below. Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing from you!

ย I’m here: erin @



what are your thoughts?

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