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on a Tunisian souk

There are people who claim value in high art: ballet, opera, the finest works of most-lauded authors.


I agree, I do agree, that’s all important.


But if you ask me about poetry in motion, about where to find the art of life manifested,


I’ll point you towards the markets, the wilds of a city, like the souk of downtown Tunis.


You only know a place once you’ve learned its rugged streets, its funky corners,


The beauty it hides in small bites and in plain sight.


You know a place once you’ve engaged its most forthright ambassadors, its most plenipotentiary negotiators: market vendors.


You know a place when you’ve breathed it in, whatever olfactory sensations that might afford you !



You come to know a place through the rhythm of footsteps on its pavement,


when the many aspects of culture, climate and locale culminate to produce a throbbing, artful chaos.


Greetings knock about as people slip past each other effortlessly,


and the sacred in the ordinary is evident, and unremarkable,


and breathtaking, all at once.



  1. Such a beautiful post! Your post took me back home and I could almost smell the streets, the leather, the rain and all that “throbbing, artful chaos”.
    Thanks a lot!
    By the way, how long did you stay in Tunis? Did you visit any other cities?

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    • Thanks to you for your comment! What I’ve seen of Tunisia over the last 7 years is incomparable – I will live there one day, I’ve promised myself! I’ve visited only areas around Tunis for a week or two at a time, like La Marsa, Sidibou, Bizerte, and it’s been my great fortune to stay and get around with very dear Tunisian friends. I’ll make it farther next time! Mashallah quel beau pays, and the food is incredible. I’ll post more photos over the next week or so! Thanks again! My best to you and hope you make it home again soon!

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