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on a sigh

Disoriented and unsure what to write, but feeling the urge anyway, I’ll settle for theft: a smattering of lines written by friends, colleagues, family, to patch what’s broken and smooth what’s rough, sent from Japan, Somalia and Somaliland, Ireland, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, and the US. As well, images of Tunisia, one of my very favorite places, by a dear friend, also a food tour guide extraordinaire, observer of life’s humor and depth and, I can attest, a commiserator of great talent and persistence.


what’s to eat #30

A simple, and simply delicious, Tunisian fricassee, prepared by the most charming of sandwich assemblers.  The fricassee is all about this special bread: a golden, fried roll, a bit spongy, but perfectly sturdy to house a festive mélange of Mediterranean delights: tuna, potatoes, egg, méchouia, olive oil, harissa, salt, an olive for some spunk. To enjoy at a slow stroll, in good company.

what’s to eat #29

Fried pastries are a delicate matter, both literally and figuratively. people are particular, even passionate, about things like flake, crumb, and chew, and granulated versus powdered sugars. Families, cities, entire nations insist upon their unique patisserie, the best one, the only one, the right way. There’s no sense arguing; just keep chewing. I present to you the humble bombolouni of Sidi Bou Said, in Tunisia: Ragged edges, thick crunch, airy interior, served piping hot between pastry papers, To be eaten with gusto, and gratitude. [3esheq, Zied!] . . PS: If you like what you see here on OuterNotes, please subscribe to receive posts to your inbox! Click “Follow these notes,” top right of the page!

on the artist

You’ve either got it, or you don’t. This guy’s got it. [Sidi Bou Said boutique, Tunisia. photo credit to Zied] . . . PS: If you like what you see here on Outernotes, please subscribe to receive posts to your inbox! Subscribe easily at the prompt on the right side bar of this page. If you’re a WordPresser, click “Follow these notes,” right side bar!

what’s to eat [and drink]

In Sidi Bou Said, outside Tunis, a restaurant that must resemble heaven, considering the grumpy service and tourist prices views. Next to a gaggle of children blowing bubbles and making faces, I enjoyed a strong, capable, robust mint tea topped with earthy pine nuts and a few aromatic leaves. And a hearty brik, hero of Tunisian street food: whisper-thin pastry dough stuffed with loose, runny egg and fried to perfection. sometimes also stuffed with tuna, or cheese, or potato, and often served with a wedge of lemon to squeeze over and balance the richness of the brik. May you enjoy your snacks – and your weekend! – with smiles, and fried perfection. . . . PS: If you like what you see here on Outernotes, please subscribe to receive posts to your inbox! Click “Follow these notes,” bottom of the page!