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what’s to eat #28

Sure, this is about the sweets: the chewy, the crispy, the deep-fried and the honey-soaked. The date-filled, the sesame-laden. Sweets by the kilo.


The ones you find deep in the market. The sweets you only buy from your guy, the one to whom you trust your most saccharine indulgences.

But this is also an ode to them: the guys, the vendors, The Sweetsmen.


The ones whose days drip with sugar, the ones whose clothes are crispy fried like the wares they hawk to a pulsating, uncontrolled, dare I say riotous crowd, looking for a fix.


The Sweetsmen provide solutions to life’s problems, healing to the hurt, tonic for the troops, memories for the children and nostalgia for the elderly.


They do it with a healer’s dignity, and a merchant’s mischief. They’re a rare breed, doling out the best life has to offer on a corner of the souk, day after honey-drizzled day.


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  2. WAWA says

    this ode to tunisian sweets and to sweetsmen is fantastic, they are the unsung heroes of the Tunisian way of life, and this tribute is the first I read on them! Thanks Erin!

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    • it’s my pleasure, Wawa – these guys deserve some recognition for the joy they create !! more to come on Tunisia, what an incredible place. thanks so much for your comment – my best to you !


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