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on s’mores in s’maliland

Granted, I was looking for an excuse to eat melty, roasted marshmallows. On the record, however, s’mores were a legitimate morale-boosting, Ramadan-welcoming, staff-bonding activity. The lovely Salma managed to find the perfect – perfect! – tools on on her first-ever hunt for roasting sticks. And it only took three… … well, maybe 4 people to finally get the coals burning in the whipping wind of this Hargeisa hilltop. But eventually we were up and running, and ready to roast. The uninitiated had no hesitations, and jumped right in, Spearing their marshmallows and coaxing the perfect golden crust. (A few required a little moral support, considering the complexities of the ideal s’more). But they liked – success! – they liked, or so I guessed, based on the seconds, thirds… er, fourths… and the s’more-inspired smiles all around. Happy Roasting, from Hargeisa!