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on self knowledge and getting lost on purpose

I asked them to go out on a limb for me. after 2 months of trainings, many Saturdays crammed into a small room with AC, learning the essentials of how to manage a field team, the final session was upon us. We had reviewed serious topics, we had loosened up with absurd charades, ¬†we had dropped eggs from the roof to build morale. But for this last session, I asked them to forgo their notebooks, have a look inwards, and see what was written there. Early in the day I set up a hasty labyrinth in the courtyard with string, scotch tape, rocks and twigs. During the training, we talked about mindfulness, self-awareness, and the tools of meditation, and I asked for deep breaths and silence. In a wordless shuffle we headed outside, and I asked them to trust me, and to trust the labyrinth’s path. I also asked them to walk it slowly–slower than they imagined was possible. and they did. The thing about self-knowledge is that it’s floating at the surface, just near …

on building bridges

Both literally and figuratively. PS: The heated debate at the end is over whether this structure is actually a bridge, a stool, or a replication of the Eiffel Tower, and therefore whether it qualifies for competition. Staff Leadership Training Relais Touristique Hotel Tin-buktu Moussabougou Sira Moussabougou, Bamako, Mali +223 66 72 01 58