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on self knowledge and getting lost on purpose

I asked them to go out on a limb for me. after 2 months of trainings, many Saturdays crammed into a small room with AC, learning the essentials of how to manage a field team, the final session was upon us. We had reviewed serious topics, we had loosened up with absurd charades,  we had dropped eggs from the roof to build morale. But for this last session, I asked them to forgo their notebooks, have a look inwards, and see what was written there. Early in the day I set up a hasty labyrinth in the courtyard with string, scotch tape, rocks and twigs. During the training, we talked about mindfulness, self-awareness, and the tools of meditation, and I asked for deep breaths and silence. In a wordless shuffle we headed outside, and I asked them to trust me, and to trust the labyrinth’s path. I also asked them to walk it slowly–slower than they imagined was possible. and they did. The thing about self-knowledge is that it’s floating at the surface, just near …

on building bridges

Both literally and figuratively. PS: The heated debate at the end is over whether this structure is actually a bridge, a stool, or a replication of the Eiffel Tower, and therefore whether it qualifies for competition. Staff Leadership Training Relais Touristique Hotel Tin-buktu Moussabougou Sira Moussabougou, Bamako, Mali +223 66 72 01 58