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what’s to eat #8

Breakfast on the go: ngɔɔmi. sourdough-like fried pancakes sprinkled with sugar, or drizzled with honey.

Mali Bamako street food breakfast ngoomi pancake Africa

The funny thing about street-side breakfasts in Bamako is that they never seem to be around during breakfast time: foods prepared fresh in the street (donuts, cakes, egg sandwiches) vanish by 8:30am, devoured by the masses who rose hours earlier for morning prayer. Luscious fruit stands abound on nearly every street corner, but they’re open only from early afternoon until 1:00am, 2:00am, or as late as the saleswomen can keep their eyes open. Meaning: if you’re searching for a quick breakfast around 9 or 10am…bon courage. Breakfast in Bamako waits for no one.

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