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on unions

I’ve been appreciating unions of all sorts, lately.


Union of the self’s many parts—finally, momentarily—into agreement.


Re-union with friends and loved ones to celebrate birth, death, enduring loyalties, and good food (Maryland crab, true tacos, Korean BBQ, and the autumnal Brussels sprouts for which I’ve longed going on 2 years).


Integration of mind, body, spirit…at least for a few days there, and I’m grateful.

Mali Bamako wedding celebration bride groom ceremony marriage

Coming together with families of all sorts to celebrate unions of love.

Slide1A merging of what is and what could be, to—at last—catalyze change and shake things up a bit.


Those unions stretch and grow and birth their natural successors in a longer cycle: partition, separation, division.


And so it goes, riding the momentum I begin to separate the necessary and the true from what is inessential, extraneous, and damaging: The useless thoughts, the unclean foods, the toxic people, the burden of insecurity. It is the morning after a grand celebration; it is time to clean up, and move forward into daylight.


Images from the weddings of:

A close colleague, in Bamako, Mali–en masse civil ceremony at city hall;

A good friend, in Upper Marlboro, MD


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