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on optimism

I’ve been catching myself, lately, noticing thoughts or comments that betray frustration, negativity, disappointment, a lack of confidence. I see it, I hear it, and I don’t like it.

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Not liking it, of course, only furthers me down the road aways, and gives me another reason to be annoyed. The ugliness might be expected, considering the circumstances, but it’s not really acceptable, considering the circumstances. That is to say, perspective is key.


The thing to admire about expats–and I use the word broadly, to include anyone who willingly lives outside their land of origin, and usually those who do so unwillingly as well–is that they’re a crafty bunch. They tend to be Make-Do Royalty, fully initiated in how to go about Doing Things Differently, Other Than Expected, or As Totally Unforeseen.


They pivot, they wiggle, they patch and sew, they may squirm a bit. But their Go With The Flowabilities are unmatched by most. Ingenuity, creativity, and flexibility mark the expats I know, regardless of how close to perfection they otherwise come. They are scrappy, and I mean that with the utmost respect.


My challenge: to harness that spirit, and apply it not only to my external life overseas but to my internal self as well.


That’s not how that was supposed to go, huh? Chalk it up to Life At Large and find something else, or another way.

That got totally out of hand, did it? Laugh it off, shake it off, just get it off.


That didn’t finish how it was meant to, huh ? Try another approach. Maybe have a nap first.

You’d rather be anywhere else right now, would you? Deep breath, smile, both feet on the ground, and fake it ’til you make it. And you will make it.


But…? Please avoid getting down on yourself. You’re aiming at a moving target, and there’s wind and sun and sand in your face and, and, and… just go at it with enthusiasm, and the knots will untie themselves.

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