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what’s to eat [and drink]

In Sidi Bou Said, outside Tunis, a restaurant that must resemble heaven, considering the grumpy service and tourist prices views.


Next to a gaggle of children blowing bubbles and making faces, I enjoyed a strong, capable, robust mint tea topped with earthy pine nuts and a few aromatic leaves.


And a hearty brik, hero of Tunisian street food: whisper-thin pastry dough stuffed with loose, runny egg and fried to perfection. sometimes also stuffed with tuna, or cheese, or potato, and often served with a wedge of lemon to squeeze over and balance the richness of the brik.


May you enjoy your snacks – and your weekend! – with smiles, and fried perfection.




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  2. ZiZou says

    This is probably the most photographied streets of Tunisia, and besides the beautiful view of the Café des Délices, beautifully pictured in your post, and the numerous gift shops, and that you probably have dodged, Sidi Bou is starting to become the village of artists it used to be, we’re starting to see art galleries, and artists workshops flourishing in little corners of the village. This little change, gives me hope.

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