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on independence

A few images from Somaliland’s 18 May Independence Day celebrations. Our entourage missed the President’s car (with lions), but we saw just about everything else, including the military processional from beginning to end (unfortunately, foreigners were not allowed to take photos of the beastly machinery).


I’d never seen so much pride reflected at every turn; perhaps the most enthusiastic independence days are celebrated by nations that go unrecognized by the international community. Lots to prove, nothing to lose, and a passion to be known.Slide01

Everyone was out on the 18th of May. From the older…

Slide13…to the youngest.Slide06


From cheering women…


to boastful men.


And everyone…


… yes, i mean everyone

Slide04in between.

Slide12They lined the roads,

Slide08and flooded the streets.

And they exemplified pride from beginning,


to end.


Happy Birthday, Somaliland! Here’s to 24 more years.


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