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on eid-al-fitr

It was Eid al-Fitr, following the month of Ramadan, and we had a goal: to win over the neighbors on our hilltop. our strategy: cookies, as many kinds as we could manage to churn out of our small stove. We mixed and rolled and patted…


…and raided the grocery store and our kitchens for the most cookie-esque ingredients we could muster. We did well, with an assortment of shortbreads: cocoa, coffee and chocolate, lime, date and nutmeg, cardamom, and peanut butter with blueberry (green!) jam.


We packed and wrapped in flashy, Eid-appropriate paper, tied with a string.

Slide7 Slide8


…and headed out into the neighborhood, intent on making smiles, and crumbs, and friends.


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