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on a hunt

Somehow, some way, we managed our first official Office Scavenger Hunt. I like to think it was Hargeisa’s first as well. The players arrived early, donned their gear, assembled in teams …

… studied the rules, huddled to plan…


…and ran out the door with a hunter’s zeal for the chase.


They made their way through the neighborhood, grabbing sheep for selfies and reciting sweet poetry to strangers, packing themselves into cars a dozen at a time,

jumping on rooftops and drawing curious eyes throughout our corner of the city.


A hunter’s qualities are particular: you need the will to persevere, you need stamina, you need quick wit. Fortunately, our staff has these qualities in spades.


After the chase, a final quality revealed itself: a love of fun, also known as good cheer.

Thanks to our amazing staff who made our first annual Scavenger Hunt a resounding success.


And thanks to our neighbors in Hargeisa, a city that encourages a bit of fun!


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