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on winter in the Horn

‘Tis the season here in Somaliland: winter winds, chilly temperatures, and thick layers of morning fog all around. It’s enough to keep you in bed much later than you intended.


Truth be told, I’ve been waiting for this moment; last winter surprised and delighted me, cold weather devotee that I am.


I hadn’t imagined I would wrap up in sweaters or pull on socks in this relatively arid climate – camels, cacti and wool hats seemed like unlikely pairings.

But here we are again, and I’m doing my best to take full advantage. Thanks to later dawns and earlier sunsets, I snuggle in bed as long as I can. Breakfast under cover (quite literally) has become a beloved ritual.


When I manage to peel myself off the mattress, a polite but impatient (canine) spirit awaits me, ready to charge the clouds of fog and greet the day. (Don’t let her fool you, though–given the right bedding she’s as lazy as they come).

Winter morning walks in our neighborhood are truly stunning, once you shake off the chill. The sun peels back the fog in layers from the East.


On the outskirts of Hargeisa, the morning takes a deep breath after fajr prayer, before diving into the day.

And so do we.


Sharing a few winter images of late: Slow risings, golden sunlight, warm gatherings among friends.

Maybe a few too many plants.

The stillness and glow that lend themselves so naturally to winter weather.


Season’s greetings, happy holidays, sweet solstice, and earnest wishes for health and joy to you and your loved ones.



  1. wendywoodrich says

    Absolutely love your posts, dear Erin! You’ve been there a long time now! It is lovely to see you adapt and thrive in this challenging environment. Besos y abrazos, Wendy


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