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mid-week link love

Together, we’ll make it through (Wednesday). As we go, a few links for you from around the interwebs:

A quick read from NPR’s The Salt on Amelia Earhart’s in-flight menu of choice.

In a recent post, I recommended against glass French presses for klutzes like me/travel/expats. Sure enough, the following morning I woke up to glass bits all over the living room floor (I blame the dog), and now we’re “brewing” coffee with a tea kettle and a teensy seive. I’ll follow my own advice to nab a stainless steel version next week in Nairobi, but if I had consistent motor skills, I’d use this beauty on the regular.

chocolate chip cookies laptop snack bed

This important reminder for weird kids, and weirder adults.

Another reliably hilarious and insightful article from Lindy West, this time on her experience at Gwyneth Paltrow’s In Goop Health festival (via The Guardian).

“The human gut is a rich rainforest, they say. Antibiotics are “napalm”, and taking one ibuprofen is “like swallowing a hand grenade”. Someone relates an anecdote about a marathon runner who had to get a faecal transplant from her fat niece, and it made the marathon runner fat. In mice, faecal transplants have been found to make fat mice thin, and anxious mice calm. Oh, my God, I realise. Paltrow is going to start selling her own poop.

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Have you met any of these people?

Blogger The Berlin Babe writes about her first Black Lives Matter protest abroad, in Germany, with some telling observations. A lengthy and important piece from an American expat, including suggestions on how YOU can make a difference. Thanks, Tina!

“Racial injustice and police brutality are serious issues, but I don’t think protests need to be all serious. We’re there to stand in solidarity and celebrate the lives of black people. In Minneapolis, I felt so emotionally drained while attending BLM protests. I felt very uneasy and sad, which I think is normal in this situation, but I never felt happy that all these people were getting together and supporting what they believe in like I did yesterday in Berlin.”

hotel tea juice tray waiter

An interesting piece on culinary traditions, like tea houses, among the descendants of Welsh settlers in Patagonia.

“As she bustles around with the tea tray, explaining the array of cakes and pointing out old family photos and Welsh artefacts on the wall, Ana’s voice is quietly mesmerising. Like an estimated 5,000 of the Argentine descendants of the Welsh, Ana can speak the language of the old country and delivers it with a Latino lilt. When she speaks English, it’s with a Welsh accent…“It’s the same with the torta negra (black cake). The recipe was adapted from the traditional Welsh bara brith – a fruit loaf that translates as ‘speckled bread’ – mixed with a Christmas pudding recipe. It was developed more as a necessity by the Welsh women, who were looking for a food product that would last a long time in the event of flooding and when food became scarce. It has a lot of calories, and it lasts for years. Each Welsh family in the area has their own recipe for this cake. They are kind of secret but they are all similar,” she says.”

addis ababa ethiopia hotel breakfast yogurt africa eggs cereal

NYTimes readers responded to an Op-Ed piece on burial preferences (“This is How I Want To Be Dead“) with their own wishes. Fascinating!

“I want my ashes spread on my favorite paintings around the world. My children will place my ashes in baggies and surreptitiously place some ash on the frames of each painting. I will probably end up in a vacuum cleaner, but while the process takes place, my kids can enjoy the art I admired during my life.” — Joseph Marcucilli

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Have a good rest of the week! You can do it!

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