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mid-week link love

Hey hey hey! What’s cookin’? Back from holiday and… wishing I wasn’t, let’s be real. Year-end deadlines are a sight to behold, and mustering the energy to get it all done feels well nigh impossible, if you ask me. As we work our way toward the new year, here are some links to keep our brains engaged…

cm bun

In Toronto a couple of weeks ago, we stopped for breakfast at a Hong Kong-style cha chaan teng in Chinatown. First time for everything, and among the dishes we tried was a condensed milk bun, which was unexpectedly delightful. It was crispy, soft, creamy, and barely sweet; a lovely compliment to a cup of coffee. I’ve been looking for a recipe — which is kind of embarrassing because it’s… a toasted bun with oil/butter and a swipe of condensed milk, but there’s finesse to it, you can tell! — and haven’t found one yet. But when I do, you know what’s up!


Last month I was rawther taken with the Very British Problems series… based on the first episode, I’m pretty sure I’m secretly British: “When I say make yourself at home, I don’t mean it…just to be clear, that is not what I mean. I mean, this isn’t your home.”

This fantastic piece from Glynn Pogue, entitled “Black American Princess in Training.” (via Guernica)

union station

Feminist Cheese (via NYTimes)

“Soon thereafter Ms. Bligh decided to name cheeses after Ruth Bader Ginsberg (Cheddary, enrobed in black) and Josephine Baker (Sardo-style, with a natural rind and slightly sweet). “We’ve got a Misty Copeland, we’ve got a Marie Curie,” she said. “We’re just releasing our Jane Goodall, and we had an Amelia Earhart–two wheels of it and it sold out in a second, because everyone’s like, ‘Yeah, that’s my girl.'”

Along with the noisier revolutions of late, there is a quiet if pungent one happening in dairy cases across America. Cheese, traditionally named for place of origin–Brie, Stilton, with the occasional Jack or Brillat-Savarin muscling in–now often broadcasts its inherently feminine constitution.”


Would you try Swedish Death Cleaning? (via TreeHugger)

The Renaissance Precursor of Rap Battles and Flow (via Paris Review)


This awesome interview with Atul Gawande (maybe the most accomplished living person!?), entitled “What Matters in the End.” He has a striking perspective on “what dying has to do with living.” (via OnBeing)

I Felt Safer Abroad as a Black Man Than in My Own Country of Birth,” from The (oft-insightful) Minority Traveler.

heart church

Lastly, the Shalane Flanagan effect. (via NYTimes)

Catch you later, friends!

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