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on escapes

Maybe the heat gets to you. Or maybe it’s the dust, or the endless work, or that nagging sensation of being a fish out of water. Sometimes, you just need An Escape, even momentary. Maybe down a narrow alley, maybe behind a high wall. Someplace comfortable, above the fray, and preferably in good company. The greener, the quieter, theĀ better. The farther away from “the usual,” the easier it is to breathe. You may stay a while, or longer than you expected. Escapes have a way of ingratiating themselves. My question: Can you maintain an Escape state of mind in the day-to-day? Can you carry it with you? Can you escape, permanently? . . Photos from l’Auberge Djamila Badalabougou Sema 1 – Gamal Nasser Rue 108 Porte 19 – BP 3043 – Bamako – Mali