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what’s to eat #48

In my estimation, fadiirad is, ethnocentrically speaking, the local equivalent of a Tex-Mex burrito bowl, eaten from an aluminum take-away box on the street. The base of it, literally and figuratively, is a grilled bread called sabaayad, according to The Googles it’s similar to India’s paratha – a flat, flaky, oily, simple combination of flour, water, salt.

on a trip to the camel market

I’ve seen a few camels from a distance since arriving to this place, and I’ve had my fair share of camel delicacies (spiced hump!). Yet, the mystery remained–what strange creatures! For an opportunity to get up close and (very) personal with these bizarrely majestic (or majestically bizarre) animals, we headed to the Hargeisa camel market of a Friday. It was a light day at the market, as a holiday had been declared; camel trade just wasn’t what it usually is. Nevertheless, there were gracious and comedic regulars all too ready to help us get to know the stock for sale. For future reference: a camel sounds precisely like a dinosaur. Or, like a dinosaur ought to sound. We hemmed and hawed and snapped photos, but decided not to purchase on that particular day; perhaps we’ll be back when we’re ready to reconsider. For now, much appreciation to the market folk who allowed us to sniff, pet, and ogle, and especially those who helped us get out of the way just in time. Other finds at the …