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what’s to eat #19

Dibi sogo: freshly roasted lamb purchased on the road. seasoned with piment and salt, tossed with grilled onions.

dibisogo Mali street food goat roast

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  1. verymary says

    Not that I want to eat that… but nice to hear from you! Our Skype is terrible (cuts out every two minutes, not kidding) but it would be great to catch up sometime.

    Ironically, I think we were both in the U.S. over the same period; I was there from Oct 3 to Oct 18, including Katie’s wedding in North Carolina (scads of photos on the facebook). It’s too bad I didn’t put two and two together; it is always easier to catch up in person.

    How is your job going? We are looking out for news of our next post; after a scare of a possible posting to Afghanistan, we are thinking we may be safe from that, but still not sure which of our choices will get fulfilled. Another month of waiting! Benjamin’s business is going well; I’ve been slammed at work, but have a couple fun projects that make that OK. Now if I just had time to work on them (a gender assessment of our program; mid term evaluation of the same; a Government to Government long term strategy!).

    How is Bamako treating you? And the dog? Still trying to convince Benjamin we need a puppy. 🙂



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