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on lately

 Lately: Happy birthdays (and deflated meringues) in broken German; Drinks of various strengths, and art adorning the walls of Malian galleries; The regular, every day living that keeps the gears oiled; A variety of welcomes; Zoo trips for kids and grown-ups alike; And a mask for every mood. Bamako’s National Zoo is worth a trip! Inexpensive entry for Malians and foreigners alike, including regular entry and access to the reptile and aquatic houses. Lots of special events, too!

on a dance

Last weekend we rose before the sun in Bamako, hopped on a bus in the darkness of the early hours, and arrived to the town of Ségou for Mali’s annual Festival sur le Niger. The Festival is comprised of four days of musicmusicmusic derived from the smorgasbord of cultures that thrive in Mali: from the Senegalese border to deep in the Sahara desert, from Kayes to Timbuktu. And to celebrate the magic, there was dancing to delight in. Around 6:00pm on a Friday,  under a crafty pavilion, the musicians got the itch, and the dance troupe got to swinging. They swung, they swung! Until some couldn’t keep their feet on the ground, and others just could not get enough! The joy was palpable, the rhythms infections, and even the tiniest of onlookers showed great appreciation. The Festival Sur le Niger is greatly advertised throughout Mali, and event are easily found online. It’s truly an event not to be missed.