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on failure

The silver lining of being failed by people you care about is that you learn to count on love instead of on people. It takes time, but slowly — slowly — you learn to be buoyed along by the love that floods the universe, that shows itself around sharp corners and airlifts you to a grassy patch when things get really muddled. That sort of love occasionally prefers an 11th hour arrival.default When others fail you, know that they are simply human. And know that more love is available and on its way, packed inside molecules you’re only just about to breathe in, caked with the dirt on your shoes, dissolving in your coffee mug, transferred via secret handshake, or… riding in on a donkey cart. It’s coming, it’s coming.

on going places

I went to a place where the food is friendly, the people are delicious, the sea is properly drawn, and the sun cooperates. I went to a #1 destination for cloud enthusiasts. I went to a place where the gelato is done right, the cafe con leche is perfecto, and even the barcodes are snazzy. I went to a place where the art astounds, and the locals are friendly… And spirits (and cliffs) soar. I went to a place where the ham is good and the cheese is better, and the wine is more or less incredible, and I tried to relax… And be inquisitive, as a proper tourist might (without being too obvious) … I was rewarded with open arms, sights for days, and A++ hospitality. Such that all I can say is… photos from Barcelona and Monserrat, Spain