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on going places

I went to a place where the food is friendly, the people are delicious, the sea is properly drawn, and the sun cooperates.

I went to a #1 destination for cloud enthusiasts.

Spain Barcelona Parc Guell Gaudi

I went to a place where the gelato is done right, the cafe con leche is perfecto, and even the barcodes are snazzy.


I went to a place where the art astounds, and the locals are friendly…


And spirits (and cliffs) soar.

Monserrat Spain cliff monestary

I went to a place where the ham is good and the cheese is better, and the wine is more or less incredible, and I tried to relax…


And be inquisitive, as a proper tourist might (without being too obvious) …


I was rewarded with open arms, sights for days, and A++ hospitality.


Such that all I can say is…

Spain sagrada familia catedral cathedral door church

photos from Barcelona and Monserrat, Spain

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