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on a taxi, and being cheerful

There are moments in life when good cheer is at a deficit. It’s no one’s fault, but you’ve looked under the cushions, in the back of the refrigerator, you’ve peeked into the neighbor’s yard and interrogated the donkey lazing on the corner, and you simply haven’t come upon any good cheer.

Not to worry. There is a formula. It consists of the following:

Bright yellow walls added to bright green leaves,


Multiplied by an airy courtyard, plus friendly patrons.



Multiplied again by sweet and spicy juices, the freshest around, and a menu to satisfy the most discerning palette.



With the addition of friendly faces, and beautiful spaces,


all divided over good company, squared for good measure.


And what do you know, just like that good cheer sprung forth, just in time for lunch.

Slide09 Slide10

Where have you found good cheer, lately?



sending joy from Taxi Bamako,

café and petit hotel,

Rue 224 Porte 1018, Hippodrome.


  1. Brigitte Anggsten says

    Thank you for your photos and thoughts, the rest of the day will certainly pass with a smile on my face!!!
    Don’t forget to look for a cheerful spirit wherever you are! You probably know from Anne that I am not the bravest character, so take good care in your new job!

    Brigitte (Anne’s mum)

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    • So excited to hear from you ! Thanks for your kind words, and I will aim for bravery as well ! Hope you make it to Mali, you’ll love it !


  2. Zied says

    This looks great! I like the menu, nothing better than good food in good company to cheer up the day! My favourite moment this week, is a first swim of the year, on a monday morning, in a beautiful beach hidden behind an eucalyptus forest, and there is a moment when the beautiful Eucalyptus smell starts to get mixed with the fresh seaside smell, but you see the beach yet, you just hear the sound of the waves welcoming you, air is getting fresher, sand is getting warmer, and then there you are, in front of this blue immensity, just you and your senses.

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    • merci zied – what you described is something greater than cheer; sounds like perfection ! i hope you had a proper snack to go along with the experience …


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