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How’s your week going? It’s been fast-paced and filled to the brim around here with side projects, plotting, scheming, and planning. Long weekend coming up in Hargeisa for the Eid al-Adha (a.k.a. “The Big Eid”) holiday, so we’re pushing through to a little rest and recuperation at the finish line. Below are a few links to keep you and me entertained on our lunch breaks, hehe. Check you on the flip side…


Accidental Wes Anderson sets in real life. Fantastic! (via Trendland)

Some next-level latte art from extraordinary baristas at the World Latte Art Championship. Don’t mess with Lee Kang-bin and his $8 Cream Art! (via Vogue)

latte art vogue korea starry night van gogh lee kang-bin

I am feeling–I mean truly, deeply feelingthis essay entitled “I’m Really Bad At My Job.” From learning to cope with disappointing others, to wondering, as the author does, whether the writing industry is where my skills lie, this had me nodding in agreement. (via Literally, Darling)

Here are 15 female ecologists you should know, and 7 black environmentalists to keep up with. (via ThoughtCo.)


Here’s a funny essay from a Trump troll, about Battles of the Memes waged against the “Mango Mussolini”:

“That’s when it started, the checking. As a child I had suffered from obsessive-compulsive disorder. This is excellent for Trump trolling. I noticed if one were to respond to one of Donald Trump’s tweets with a meme of the Prima Donald superimposed on a prison, it got his basket of deplorables really really really upset. And since everyone else was posting their white nationalist propaganda at Hillary Clinton’s thoughtful well-researched posts, then why couldn’t I fight the Trumpers in man-to-bot combat on the last great battlefield, the internet?”

(via Salon)


Wowed by this gorgeous statement from J. of The Only Bear; I’m digging the metaphors. If you’ve known some people and felt some things, give it a read. Thanks for sharing, J.!

What to look for in a salt lamp. Is this a thing? Seems Goop-y, but like just the kind of overpriced pseudo-panacea I’d snatch up. Sigh. (via MindBodyGreen)


I’m totally into the increasingly plausible Jetsons-esque lifestyle — smart robots, automated breakfasts, devices that sync to make your life easier. See this funny excerpt from an interview with Alex Hawkinson, CEO of SmartThings (via NPR):

HAWKINSON: You know, we have a stage in our basement, which sounds crazy, but a stage with like, a disco ball and a costume room and stuff. And so when my daughter leaps up on it specifically, like, the music and lighting and disco ball starts going in the right way. There’s a few other things, there’s like romance mode. You know, the house knows when it’s a Friday or Saturday night and the kids are asleep, that sort of stuff. So I won’t say that’s weird but it’s…

CORNISH: No, a little. What does that do then? Like, the lights go down?

HAWKINSON: I don’t know, it’s never worked for me, in terms of the real goal, but, you know, the lights dim and the Barry White comes on the Sonos, mostly as a joke, that type of stuff. And of course puts on the classical music and brings up the lights if there’s motion outside the kids’ bedrooms.

But let’s remember that the data that makes that magic feasible is often available to other people, Big Brother, etc. A new study finds that internet providers can monitor the metadata from your home’s Internet of Things (sometimes, even if your data is encrypted!) and, well, do what they like with it. Watch out, folks! (via Tech Crunch)


Here’s a Ted Talk about drawing your way to your future.

Another gem by Mari Andrew. I’ve been sure about pretty much only these things for most of my life. Also #teamwilliam, for the record. (via Instagram)

Lastly, some pretty important advice (via Elephant Journal).

Have a great rest of your week!


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