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mid-week link love

Hiya! It’s an avalanche of a week at work as we dive headfirst into the final quarter of the year. Budgets and deliverables are staring me down from the evil depths of Excel sheets. Blech. At least the internet’s still a reliable distraction. Check out these links, and some photos from around the way! You can keep your Sudoku, your Candy Crush, even your crossword puzzles. I’ve got a new game obsession, and it feeds my inner nerd.


mid-week link love

How’s your week going? It’s been faced-paced and filled to the brim around here with side projects, plotting, scheming, and planning. Long weekend coming up in Hargeisa for the Eid al-Adha (a.k.a. “The Big Eid”) holiday, so we’re pushing through to a little rest and recuperation at the finish line. Below are a few links to keep you and me entertained on our lunch breaks, hehe. Check you on the flip side…

mid-week link love

Hopefully when you read this, I’ll be somewhere in Kenya, fresh covfefe in one hand, bagel with cream cheese in the other, and sushi in the… other? Below are a few links to see us both through the rest of the week. Here’s to Rest & Relaxation, or getting nearer to it, anyway. 

on becoming: are you a rock or a leaf?

At times, I can feign a decent rock. But I am in essence, and unequivocally, a leaf. We marvel at the fortitude of our rock friends: even in the most challenging moments, their certainty shone bright. Whether their choices turned out for the better was irrelevant; they were confident in those decisions, and that made all the difference to their state of mind. Lately, I’ve been responding to life’s knocks and turns with a a stonier veneer: unmoved, unimpressed, essentially not giving a f*ck. I’ve been more solid in my stance, I don’t brace for impact as much, and criticism doesn’t knock the wind out of me in the way it normally would.